A five-year-old boy in Springfield, Ohio was sent home last week because school district officials deemed his new Mohawk hairdo too cool for kindergarten.

WHIO-TV, the local CBS affiliate, has the story.

Keshia Castle explained that school officials banned her son, Ethan Clos, from Reid Elementary School until he gets rid of his Mohawk — a haircut in which both sides of the head are shaven or bald and there is a stripe of clearly longer hair running down the center.

Castle said that her son had been pleading to get the haircut, and she finally relented during spring break.

When Ethan returned to school, his new Mohawk received a great deal of attention from his classmates.

“They seen his hair like it was,” Castle explained to WHIO. “All the little kids were going over and feeling on it and everything.”

School district officials ruled that the haircut violated district policies because it was causing too much commotion in class.

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