(NEWSER) – We're starting to get a clearer idea ofyesterday's stabbing spree at Franklin Regional High School, and of Alex Hribal, the boy who police say did the stabbing, as students step forward to tell their stories. Here's what we know so far:

  • Gracey Evans, who's been celebrated for potentiallysaving a victim's life by putting pressure on his wounds, tells KDKA that it's another victim, her best friend, who deserves praise, because he stepped in front of her as the attacker swung. "I probably would have been the one that was stabbed and not him. He took the knife for me."
  • That best friend, 16-year-old Brett Hurt, spoke at a hospital press conference describing his terror at being stabbed in the back. He says he barely knew the attacker, and doesn't think he can go back to school anytime soon, the AP reports. "I might freeze," he says.
  • Sophomore Trinity McCool tells USA Today that the stabber chased her, though he never actually managed to hurt her. "When he was chasing us, I saw this face—the look in his eyes. I was horrified."

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